"Sun's Out, Guns Out" - Game 1 of 12!

by Joe Flood on 31 January 2019

With only hours to spare, I present to you game #1 of 12 in my 12 month challenge - "Sun's Out Guns Out".

January's game really does have nothing to do with summer or beach bodies or anything like that - it's actually a small prototype of what something like NAMCO's Point Blank could look like in VR. The title is just a literal description of what's in the game and a way to grab your attention 😋 (if you're reading this, it worked!)

So, I've learnt a couple of things from this prototype:
  1. VR games are really fun to make.
  2. There are certain things which you should do in "pancake" games - lens flare, camera shake, elaborate particle systems - which you should never do in VR. (I think I got away with a muzzle flash effect, but that was pushing it!)
  3. That non-VR games are now called "pancake" games. Interesting.

So yeah, this took me around 5-6 evenings to create, so don't expect anything too insane - but it is kinda fun. It also has given me a taste for VR and you may see VR make another appearance over the next 11 months!

Anyway, enough rambling - if you want to give it a spin, take a look at: https://tinygoose.itch.io/suns-out-guns-out!

And if you feel nosey/adventurous/intrigued, the full source code is also available at: https://github.com/tinygooseuk/SunsOutGunsOut. You won't be able to build and run the game from that as it's missing the project files and assets, but you can see how it was done!

- Joe -

2019 - One game every month!

by Joe Flood on 20 January 2019

Happy new year everyone! 

So, back in December I made a really quick prototype game for a game jam. It never got entered in the end, because I realised I didn't have enough spare time at the right moments to get it finished and polished. So, I spent a few days after the deadline just finishing it off and then after that, released the source code on GitHub.

The game grossed a total of... $2 on itch.io, which is... fine. I had a tonne of fun making it and going through the process of releasing it into the wild (and of course, it was never about the money!) Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed finding the time to work on the project to completion and it felt great to add something to my portfolio.

So, here comes this year's ambitious resolution - I'm going to do it all over again, every single month in 2019. That's right, new game every month. I'll be working on each prototype/demo/game for anything between a few hours and a couple of weeks each month - whatever I have time for after "adult commitments".

Let's see how it goes! This month's project, to be released not after 31st January, is... drumroll please... a VR game!

VR is becoming a bigger market each year, and it's so fun to make something you can literally jump into. (Plus, if this first month is a total flop, less people will know about it ;D) For my project, I'll be making something a bit like the old PS1 game, "Point Blank". It was an arcade shooter game from the 90s which involved a number of minigames where you had to shoot various things and avoid other things. 

Stay tuned!

- Joe -


by Joe Flood on 22 November 2018

Finally an update!

So a while back I decided I wanted to enter a game jam, so I can see how well I can make simple games to a deadline. Turns out, I missed the submission date for the Epic MegaJam 2018, so... looks like I'm not great at making simple games to a deadline 😬!

Either way, I created a simple platformer over the course of about 5 days, as if it were for a game jam. I then posted it to /r/unrealengine, and to itch.io. It's not the greatest game ever, and it's not even particularly original, but I wanted to get something out there and see what people thought. 

And so "GroundHog" was born! To be honest, it was actually the result of a really strange dream I had about a rolling pig game where gravity follows the main character's movements. Hence: a grounded hog. So naturally, like any sane person, I made it into an actual thing.

Anyway, enough rambling for now - if you fancy a go of it, take a look at: https://tinygoose.itch.io/groundhog!

EDIT: Source code now available at: https://github.com/tinygooseuk/GroundHog. You won't be able to build and run the game from that as it's missing the project files and assets, but you can see how it was done at least!

Website Update

by Joe Flood on 18 June 2017

After what seems like an eternity, the website has been very slightly updated - you may spot a thing or two if you have a little nose around the various pages!

Going forward this Blog will mostly be for any big announcements rather than a steady stream of posts (which to be fair, it's never been!). For more frequent updates, follow us on our Twitter. For now they are not that much more frequent, but this may change soon!

In fact, in August, all going well I will be in Cologne for Gamescom! So you may well see some tweets coming out of me while I'm there. It'll be far less painful than that made it sound.

If you're really bored and want more frequent updates about things not necessarily TinyGoose-related, but still definitely (probably?) game-related - follow me personally on my personal Twitter account as well!

Till next time!
- Joe

New Company Name!

by Joe Flood on 14 November 2016

Hi all!

So, I should probably explain. Due to a "polite request" from a well-known tech company, we've had to rename ourselves from "Javawag" to something else.

That something else is TinyGoose!

Our Twitter and Facebook pages have been updated to reflect this, but if you're following either account it should carry on over automatically - no worries!


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